Determine Your Risk Tolerance!

Determine Your Risk Tolerance

When it comes to investing your retirement plan balance, it’s important to think about your investment objectives and tolerance for risk. The below questionnaire can help you determine your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Based on your responses, you’ll see sample asset allocation portfolios that may be suitable for you. Since your financial goals and objectives may change over time, complete the questionnaire as often as you like to illustrate how changes to your objectives and risk tolerance may illustrate a new asset allocating strategy. This questionnaire is for illustrative purposes only and does not serve as investment advise.
1.How would you characterize the progress you've made in accumulating sufficient assets to be able to retire?
2.If you had the choice of portfolios below, which would you be most comfortable investing in?
3.Which statement best describes your attitude about investing for your account?
4.When the stock market declines sharply over a 30 day period, I:
5.My outlook on the US Economy and the Stock Market is:
6.I plan to begin withdrawing from my retirement accounts in:

By clicking “Submit”, you acknowledge that the results from the questionnaire are based upon generally accepted investment principles, and there is no guarantee that any sample portfolio that may be shown will meet your investment objectives, tolerance for risk, or provide a specified rate of return. Furthermore, you understand that any results or sample portfolios that may be shown are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. The choice of investments is entirely up to you, and you should carefully consider all of your options before investing.